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Exam Time

It is exams week for my students.  I don't have very much work-related things to do.  I need to make a Christmas lesson for next week, and that is about it.

I have an exam to take on Sunday, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.  I started studying awhile back.  Now, I find that the closer I get to the test date, the less I care about studying.   This is not a good thing, as I know come Saturday night I will be freaking out about how much I still don't know for the test.

For the holidays, Jeff and I will be traveling around Kyushu.  I'm excited.  We'll celebrate Christmas early this year on the 19th, but I am not sure what we are going to eat yet.  No roast chicken and no Christmas cake.  I am hoping that we go to Indomura.  Indomura has amazing Indian food; their curries and naan are fantastic.  I worry that I'll never like another Indian restaurant as much as Indomura.

Wedding planning has taken a backseat, I've booked the photographer and I'm happy.  After the test though, we'll get in touch with the DJs, and then tackle invitations and flowers.  Color scheme was decided.  Red, purple, blue and green.  

My new obsession is  Villainess soaps.  More precisely, the scrubs (called Smooch) and body cream (called Whipped).  Shipping to Japan is really reasonable, and she includes two soap samples.  So far, I've tried Gingersnapped Smooch and Whipped, Decadence Whipped, Crushed smooch, and a Scintillating soap sample.

Gingersnapped is absolutely to die for.  It smells like delicious spices, molasses and faint vanillla.  I smell like a gingersnap cookie when I get out of the shower.  A sexy gingersnap cookie, that is.

I think Gingersnapped is my favorite fragrance ever.

Decadence is a vanilla scent.  It's very rich, and well, decadent.  In the jar it is head-spinningly sweet, and overwhelmingly boozy and buttery.  On my skin, it calms down to a slightly buttery, rich vanilla coconut scent.  The whipped is a fantastic lotion.

Crushed is raspberries, dark chocolate, and sandalwood.  At first, all I could smell was sandalwood, but when I got it in the shower, the raspberries and chocolate shine through.  I like the scent, but the scrub has raspberry seeds and my skin did not like the raspberry seeds :(  Someday I may try it in a soap or whipped form.

Scintillating was one of my soap samples.  It is supposed to smell like mint, vanilla, and black tea.  Unfortunately, I did not get much scent out of it at all.  I read that sometimes the soap samples are not as strongly scented for some reason.  I hope it was a fluke, because Scintillating sounds like it should be an amazing scent.

Showering with Crushed and slathering on Decadence lotion made me smell like strawberry ice cream.  Yum.  Gingersnapped and Decadence layered make me smell like a spice cake with vanilla frosting.  I love layering.