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Ichiran Vs. Villainess

The JLPT is over.  I think I passed it this year, though now I'm ready to start studying for the next level.

In other news, I think the Ichiran ramen shops own my soul.

Ichiran is a chain of ramen shops based out of Fukuoka.  The ramen is incredibly delicious; and it is a perfect shop for anti-social people.  You buy tickets from a machine for what you want, and you sit at a seat at the counter; which is enclosed on both sides, so you can't see the person sitting next to you.  You fill out a form with your ramen preferences (seasonings, broth strength, noodle texture, etc), and then press a button.  People take your order and go.  Whoever invented the concept is a genius; I like it because I can personalize my order and am anti-social; from a business standpoint it seems like a great idea because people will eat and leave faster, and many people will come back to try a different combination of seasonings.

Anyway, I love it.  And I crave it.  There is one shop in Nagoya, and I ate there twice this weekend.  I'm totally craving it again today, but with an injured foot and a budget to follow, it seems like I'll have to wait.

Speaking of owning my soul, I think Villaines might have to battle it out with Ichiran.

I've tried two other products.

I got a soap sample of Krakatoa.  Krakatoa as described on the Vilainess site:
Flashes of exotic foliage - coconut, banana, papaya, dewfruit, mango - amidst slightly more domestic fruits - nectarine, red apple, peach, plums, pears, and raspberries - and an explosive burst of citrus - mandarin orange, pineapple, lemon, and tangerine.To ground our island paradise? A light musk, salted driftwood, sugar cane, and dry sandalwood.

To my nose, none of the fruits really stand out.  It smells sweet and fruity, and like a delicious tropical fruit punch.  It lathers nicely, and my skin doen't feel tight after I rinse it off.  I think this would be a wonderful scent for summer, and I probably would not even need lotion if I were to use it in the summer.

The other product I tried was the Paradise Misplaced Smooch.  It is a moisturizing shower lotion, unlike the other 2 smooches I have tried which are sugar scrubs.  The scent description:
Sweetly creamed coconut with touches of mango offset by crisp green tea

The scent was really mild.  I could pick out the coconut and mango, but I don't like this one as much as the other scents.  It did moisturize well, but one of the ingredients is shredded coconut which I imagine will get caught in my shower drain, and the idea of that does not thrill me.  So, overall the product works, but I am not crazy about the scent.